The 2011 James McLaughlin Memorial Staff Show: Meghan Schindler

Meghan Schindler, Museum Supervisor

Meghan Schindler with her acrylic painting, "Doodle #2." Photo: Claire Norman

How did you decide to choose this work for the staff show?

I draw doodles as stress relief and one day, [Museum Assistant] Joe Shetler suggested I should paint them. This was the second one that I had painted, and I loved it. Joe was right, the doodles look great painted. I figured the Phillips staff show was the perfect opportunity to display it, as my fellow co-worker was the one who inspired me to make the piece.

3 thoughts on “The 2011 James McLaughlin Memorial Staff Show: Meghan Schindler

  1. I think you’ve gone way past doodles at this point Meg. These pieces vibrate even on a computer screen. Can’t wait to see them in person. Glad you have that sort of inspiration around you!!! Best, Mark

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