3D is everywhere! No, really…it kind of is.

Some artists, like Stuart Davis, are great at making up perspectives. I’ve never really been one of them; my brain just gets in the way. So, when I was asked to develop a 3D illustration for the museum’s new visitor guide, I knew it would be easier to work from a 3D model first. Luckily, I had just forced myself to learn Google Sketchup in order to re-arrange my apartment.

Tao at TED

Two years before his Intersections project Sk(in) at the Phillips,  A. Balasubramaniam (or Bala, to us) gave a TED Talk on substance and absence, qualities his project here explored as well. A year later, Antony Gormley’s Phillips exhibition Drawing Space coincided with another intersection with TED. Gormley’s Ted Talk about sculpted space, within and without, […]

Building an Online Print Workshop

Recent exhibition Jasper Johns: Variations on a Theme focused on Johns’s creative impulses and collaborations with several distinguished print shops. To produce events and content for the exhibition, Phillips staff also engaged in rich, inter-departmental collaborations. Assistant Curator Renée Maurer and Digital Media Manager Michelle Herman teamed up to create the museum’s first ever in-house microsite Jasper Johns: […]