Happy Anniversary, Duncan and Marjorie

When librarian Karen Schneider gives tours of the museum, she often starts with the story of Duncan and Marjorie. They met at the Century Club in New York City in January 1921 where Marjorie Acker had gone to see selections from Duncan’s art collection on display, and, as Karen puts it, they began a conversation […]

Phillips Petting Zoo: Duncan and Marjorie Phillips

Recently, I began to think about the numerous connections between pets and artwork in The Phillips Collection, and was surprised by the richness of this topic. So much so, I’m writing a series exploring the intersection of pets with the collection. In honor of the museum’s 90th, this post looks at Duncan and Marjorie Phillips. […]

Phillips History on View: Marjorie

One of my favorite photographs in the archives is of Marjorie Phillips in 1969 when she was Director of the museum installing a Hundertwasser exhibition alongside Jim McLaughlin, the museum’s curator. She stands in a room, framed by doorway, giving the viewer a glimpse into the workings of installing exhibitions and putting her front and center, instrumental to the process.