Happy Birthday Duncan Phillips

I had the pleasure of speaking last night to Alice Phillips Swistel, great-niece of Duncan Phillips who was born today in 1886. It’s not surprising that the conversation came around to her memories of him. Though I’ve worked here for over five years and handled many of Phillips’s belongings–his journals, book collection, letters–I always welcome […]

Phillips Flashback: “…the largest & most luxurious vessel afloat had gone down…”

As the Titanic meets its horrific fate in the waters of the North Atlantic on Monday, April 15, 1912, Duncan Phillips is aboard another ship in the ocean, nearing its destination of Antwerp. Of the event, he writes in his journal: We were in communication with several ships- but never heard or were told of […]

Celebrating National Poetry Month at the Phillips Collection: Part I

April is National Poetry Month, and  it gives all of us at The Phillips Collection an opportunity to recognize how this vital art form often intertwines with the visual arts. In very much the same way a great painting can reach into our hearts and communicate so much emotion in the span of just a few […]