Goodbye is Not Forever

Phillips staff gathered last week for a heartfelt adieu to Chief Curator Eliza Rathbone, who has been organizing thoughtful exhibitions at the Phillips for nearly 30 years and recently announced her retirement. Hugs, handmade cards, and some misty eyes were present as the sun went down on her final day in the institution where she has made a lasting impact.

The Incredibles

The single most important part of a museum that’s probably unknown to visitors is the art preparator (or handler). And art preparators are museum superheroes. Without them, permanent collections would hang in the same place year after year, loan exhibitions would lean propped on the floor, and storage areas would be jungles of spiderwebs and […]

Washington’s Art World, 1920s

Chief Preparator Shelly Wischhusen and Librarian Karen Schneider install the latest exhibition of archival materials in the museum’s Reading Room, located just outside of the library. This selection of materials tells the story of Duncan Phillips’s activities in the 1920’s as part of the Washington art world. Through letters, photographs, and other documents, Karen’s exhibition […]