The Incredibles

The single most important part of a museum that’s probably unknown to visitors is the art preparator (or handler). And art preparators are museum superheroes. Without them, permanent collections would hang in the same place year after year, loan exhibitions would lean propped on the floor, and storage areas would be jungles of spiderwebs and […]

Installing an Idea Born Here

Curator at Large Klaus Ottmann looks on as Preparators Bill Koberg and Alec MacKaye install a new work by Leo Villareal. The work, called Scramble (2011) and made of concentric squares of LEDs, was inspired by Villareal’s participation in a panel discussion at the Phillips with Klaus and painter Frank Stella last June. Read more […]

This Thursday: Sartorial Experimentation Encouraged!

Personally, I’m pretty excited about tomorrow night’s Experiment Station-themed Phillips after 5. This theme is drawn from the writings of museum founder┬áDuncan Phillips in which he envisioned his museum as an experiment station, and we have dedicated the entire evening (as we have this blog) to the concept. Not only will the event include magic […]