July #Phillips95 Challenge: Dream Big

Chagall_The Dream

Marc Chagall, The Dream, 1939. Gouache on paper, 20 9/16 x 26 3/4 in. The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, Acquired 1942

This month’s #Phillips95 challenge celebrates Marc Chagall. Chagall was known for his highly expressionist and colorful paintings that combined elements of Cubism, Symbolism, and Fauvism. He saw his work as “not the dream of one people but of all humanity.” While scholars have written endless volumes on him, we’re looking to you to simplify things!

YOUR CHALLENGE: When you look at The Dream, what is the one word that comes to mind? Comment on this blog post or any of our social media posts with one word you think best encapsulates the painting and be entered into a drawing to win a Phillips prize pack (including two tickets to the museum and goodies from the museum shop!).

#Phillips95 Soutine Caption Contest Winners

soutine_woman in profile

Chaim Soutine, Woman in Profile, ca. 1937. Oil on canvas ,18 13/8 x 10 7/8 in. The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, Acquired 1943 © 2015 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York, NY

For this month’s #Phillips95 challenge, we asked you to caption Chaim Soutine’s Woman in Profile. Congrats to these three winners!

“I wonder if I should listen to this entire performance or go to the bathroom now.” —Gail F.

“1:15 pm – Message Read
6:20 pm – Chaim Soutine is online
3:00 am – Soutine is typing…
3:01 am – …hey you, what are you up to?
3:02 am – ‘woman in profile’ face”
—Luis Q.

“She’s thinking, ‘How did I get to look so much like Judy Garland?'” —Travel Gal

And bragging rights to these Honorable Mentions:

“I so hope Chaim doesn’t give me fish lips.” —Kristin J.

“Chaim…I’m really tired of sitting here for you every day, it better be better than a Rembrandt!” —Margot K.

“I’m snowed in and there’s no chocolate in the house.” —Sharon M.

Kurtis Minder (February 16 at 2:39pm): She is irritated that she just bought an apple watch and a newer, improved model is already out.” —Kurtis M.

Interestingly, a number of people were reminded of celebrities or friends when they saw Soutine’s female sitter, including Coco Chanel, Liza Minnelli, and Judy Garland. Does this woman remind you of anyone?

Thanks to everyone who participated in February’s challenge! Check back each month in 2016 for new challenges in celebration of the Phillips’s 95th anniversary and chances to win prizes.

American Moments Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

Last week, we announced the grand prize winner of the American Moments photo contest. Put your hands together for our five Honorable Mentions! These submissions caught the attention of our judges for their thoughtful captions and artful composition. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Honorable Mention_Chuck Flether_DC Street Hoops

Photo: Chuck Fletcher

DC Street Hoops by Chuck Fletcher
This American Moment was taken on U Street in Washington DC, the city’s cultural epicenter of black history. Until the 1920s, the U Street Corridor was home to the nation’s largest urban African American community. During the 1920s and 1930s, the area thrived with world-renowned entertainment venues like the Howard and Lincoln Theaters and private clubs hosting legendary entertainers including the neighborhood’s own Edward “Duke” Ellington. In 1968, the neighborhood declined after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the resulting DC riots. Today, we see a diverse blend of nationalities, talent, and skin tones on U Street.

Honorable Mention_Andrew Nathan Morgan_Nathan

Photo: Andrew Nathan Morgan

Nathan by Andrew Nathan Morgan
Picture I took of my son on his first trip to NYC. He’s looking over the city from the top of the Empire State building. We took a train from DC and spent the day walking around, seeing as much as we could before catching the train back.

Honorable Mention_Ann McCormick Saybolt_Fourth of July

Photo: Ann McCormick Saybolt

Fourth of July by Ann McCormick Saybolt
Annual parade in the Palisades neighborhood of Washington, DC. Americans were warned by federal homeland security officials to “remain vigilant” during holiday celebrations due to a heightened security alert. July 4, 2015.

Honorable Mention_Lou Havlicek_Mom_2016_06–29

Photo: Lou Havlicek

Mom_2016_06–29 by Lou Havlicek
So many baby boomers are dealing with aging parents today. Though there is profound beauty in death—just as in birth—this does not make the road leading towards it any less hard. I took this image of my mother as she enters her final days. Our family is so grateful to my sister who has both the burden and privilege of caring for her. There is no tougher job. The rest of us help as we can, but negotiating the maze of the American healthcare system makes an already difficult time even more so.

Honorable Mention_Jere Kittle_A November Fog

Photo: Jere Kittle

A November Fog by Jere Kittle
Dense fog minimizes details, revealing the bold dynamic between a pair of bridges—one suspended beneath the other—and reflects the contrast in lifestyle and pace between the decades that separate them. The upper bridge carries vehicular traffic along historic U.S. Route 1; the lower, suspended by cables, provides pedestrian access to Belle Isle, a 540-acre natural area in the James River in the heart of Richmond, Virginia. Two figures cross over river rapids below for a morning walk on the island where forested trails and rock formations offer respite from 21st century urban life.