The Thrill of the Performance

Paintings on view in a second-floor gallery. Photos: Sarah Osborne Bender

If you didn’t get enough of the performer’s life during our Degas’s Dancers at the Barre show, a gallery on the second floor of the Sant Building might do the trick: more Degas dancers (plus a portrait titled Melancholy, who appears to be observing the action in the room), Delacroix’s Paganini, Manet’s Spanish Ballet, and Daumier’s The Strong Man. For a little treat, move into the next gallery to view Bonnard’s Circus Rider and peek around the corner to see her paired with her side-show companion, the Strong Man.

Girl Scouts in the Galleries

It’s that time again–temptation by thin mint. And this year, with the 100th birthday of Girl Scouts of the USA, even more incentive to support their cause (not to mention a new Cookie Finder app that takes your craving mobile).

Recently, Girl Scout Troop 4903 from Silver Spring, MD, selected our Degas exhibition as the perfect place to work on their “Drawing Merit Badge” requirements. They tried out Degas’s ideas of practice and process, stopping to draw each other at the ballet barre.

A member of Troup 4903 rapidly sketches Degas's sculpture. Photo: Ben Tollefson

Some of the girl scouts take time out from drawing to dance and be drawn. Photo: Ben Tollefson

After they stretched their imaginations in the galleries, the troop joined local artist Frank Wright for drawing lesson in the Phillips art workshop.

Local artist Frank Wright demonstrates drawing techniques for the scouts. Photo: Ben Tollefson

Troop 4903. Photo: Ben Tollefson

Suzanne Wright, Director of Education