The Artist Sees Differently: Caroline Hoover

Caroline Hoover helping out in the Phillips’ Conservation studio. Photo: Joshua Navarro

Caroline Hoover, Museum Assistant, Conservation Intern

How did you learn about the Phillips?

I learned about the Phillips because my great aunt [Elizabeth Turner] used to be a curator here. At the time, we came up to see her shows and visit the Phillips.

Do you feel you are inspired by the Phillips art?

I would say that I’m inspired by the Phillips art; there is a lot to take from the works in terms of formal technique in a lot of the older impressionist works and creativity and innovation found in the new works by contemporary artists.

What do you listen to as you create?

I always listen to music when I am painting, but honestly it depends on the mood I’m in, and I usually switch genres a few times before I’m satisfied.

Who’s your favorite artist in the collection?

Edgar Degas

What painting in the collection do you wish you’d painted?

Pierre Bonnard’s The Riviera

Do you collect other artwork – or anything?

When I studied abroad in Europe and Africa, I collected artwork from a lot of the countries I visited. A lot of it was street artwork, but also some from galleries. I usually collect at least a postcard of works that I especially like in other collections/museums.

And do you have a favorite Marjorie Phillips painting?

To be honest, the only one that I’ve seen is Night Baseball. But, I do like that one a lot.

Caroline Hoover, "Untitled," oil on canvas, 3' x 4'

Caroline Hoover, “Untitled,” oil on canvas, 3′ x 4′

-Rolf Rykken


Curtain Call: Final Day for Degas

Today we wish a fond farewell to Degas’s Dancers: Point and Counterpoint and bring you one final painting by the artist. The Phillips is open 11 am-6 pm today for all who wish to catch one last glimpse in person.

Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas, Dancers at the Barre, c. 1900, Charcoal and pastel on tracing paper, laid down on cardboard, 43 3/4 x 38 7/8 in. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Purchased 1921.

Curtain Call: 2 More Days of Degas

As we prepare to wish a fond farewell to Degas’s Dancers: Point and Counterpoint, we bring you a Degas a day through the exhibition’s final curtain tomorrow.

Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas, Women Combing Their Hair, c.1875-76. Oil on paper mounted on canvas, 12 3/4 x 18 1/8 in. The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C. Acquired 1940.

*Another Degas in the permanent collection!