Eye to Eye with Pollen and Egg Yolk

Joseph Marioni, Yellow Painting, 2003, No. 9. Acrylic and linen on stretcher 36 x 34 in. Photo: Charles Abdoo

On a recent Spotlight Tour, Joseph Marioni’s bright canvases left many in the group cold. Responses ranged from a resolute “not interested” to a searching, “what do they add to the history of art?” Gallery Educator Alice Shih pointed out that, for some, Joseph Marioni‘s paintings may be best brought into focus by the work of other artists hanging nearby. Alice pointed out sight lines from Marioni to Matisse, to Kandinsky, and along a river of blues and pinks in Gene Davis, to Morris Louis, Adolph Gottlieb, diving into two deep blue Marionis a few galleries beyond.

Alice built further context through metaphor. She told us that the feeling of “egg yolk” pops into her head when she looks at a particular yellow painting by Marioni. (I see pollen, which leads me to the work of another artist recently at the  Phillips).

Later I asked Alice if this kind of color association happens for her with other works by Marioni. She shared this list:

*Red Painting (2002): lava

*Yellow Painting, (2011): the song Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles

*Blue Painting (1995): the night sky (it has spotty moments when it could seem like stars)

Joseph Marioni, Blue Painting, 1995, No. 26. Acrylic and linen on stretcher 28 x 24 in. Photo: Nicholas Walster

Does Marioni’s work bring up particular memories, sensations, references, or metaphors for you? Please comment and let us know.

Cecilia Wichmann, Publicity and Marketing Manager

The Artist Sees Differently: Blair Sutton

Blair Sutton, Museum Assistant

Blair Sutton. Photo: Rick Sutton

How did you learn about the Phillips?

I visited the The Phillips Collection on a field trip about four years ago while attending Sweet Briar College (Sweet Briar, Virginia).

Do you feel you are inspired by the Phillips art?

Yes, I am inspired by Gene Davis, Nicolas de Staël, and the intricate colors that Pierre Bonnard used in his works.

Do you listen to anything as you paint?

I listen to a wide variety of music – anything from Van Morrison, Katy Perry, Fats Domino to Diana Ross & The Supremes.

Who’s your favorite artist in the collection?

I would have to say my favorite artist in the collection is Vincent van Gogh.

Do you collect other artwork – or anything?

Yes, I do collect other artwork. I am lucky to own an original Theresa Pollak ink on paper and a Charles Sibley painting on canvas. Continue reading “The Artist Sees Differently: Blair Sutton” »