Behind-the-Scenes: Installing Gauguin to Picasso

install in process_1_Renee Maurer

Paul Gauguin’s NAFEA faaipoipo (When Will You Marry?) gets an inspection before hanging in in the Phillips’s galleries. Photo: Renee Maurer

Phillips Curator Renee Maurer and Associate Registrar for Exhibitions Trish Waters snapped photos as Gauguin to Picasso: Masterworks from Switzerland, The Staechelin & Im Obersteg Collections was installed early last month.

install in process_3_Renee Maurer

Installing Paul Gauguin’s NAFEA faaipoipo (When Will You Marry?). Photo: Renee Maurer

install in process_4_L Renee Maurer R Trish Waters

(left) Installing works by Alexej von Jawlensky. Photo: Renee Maurer (right) Curator Renee Maurer with Chaim Soutine’s Child with a Toy. Photo: Trish Waters

install in process_2_Renee Maurer

Installing works by Alexej von Jawlensky. Photo: Renee Maurer

install in process_5_Trish Waters

(left) The installation team with Pablo Picasso’s The Absinthe Drinker [verso: Woman at the Theater]. Photo: Trish Waters (right) Putting the finishing touches on a frame. Photo: Trish Waters

Hanging Man Ray’s Obstruction

Installing Obstruction_TW

Preparators install Man Ray’s Obstruction (1920/editioned replica 1964). Photos: Trish Waters

Installing Man Ray’s Obstruction, a carefully balanced mobile comprising over 60 wooden coat hangers, was no small feat for Phillips preparators. Check out these before and after shots.


Installation view: Man Ray, Obstruction, 1920/editioned replica 1964. Assisted readymade: 63 wooden coat hangers, 43 5/16 x 47 1/4 x 47 1/4 in. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Gift of Beatrice (Buddy) Mayer, Chicago, to American Friends of the Israel Museum, B84.0027. © Man Ray Trust / Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY / ADAGP, Paris 2015. Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem by Avshalom Avital.

The Man Dangling From Our Building

Installation of several works by Bernardi Roig is in progress as we near the opening date of his Intersections project at the Phillips, NO/Escape. Three of the works will be outside of the museum’s walls, including Acteon (2005), which will hang in the alleyway between the original Phillips house and the Goh Annex, a 1960s addition.

Install_bridge 1

Installation of Bernardi Roig’s, Acteon, (2005). Polyester resin, marble dust and fluorescent lights. Figure life size. Courtesy Max Estrella Gallery, Madrid

Install_bridge 2

The sculpture is lifted to the desired height on the wall with the help of Phillips preparators. Photos courtesy The Phillips Collection

Install_bridge 3

Artist Bernardi Roig looks on as installation continues. Photos courtesy The Phillips Collection


Install_bridge 4

Acteon from below, awaiting the final piece of the installation: a beam that will stem from the sculpture’s back and connect the original Phillips house with the Goh Annex. Photo courtesy The Phillips Collection

Install_bridge 5

The finishing touches are put on Bernardi Roig’s Acteon.