Taking Home #Artlympics Gold


Winning instagram photos for the artlympics

(Left) The Phillips Collection’s #BestArtRemake submission (Right) @pipercolleen’s #BestArtTwin submission

The Phillips Collection made a splash at this year’s #Artlympics, taking home the gold in the #BestArtRemake category with a re-enactment of William Merritt Chase’s Hide and Seek. Former Museum Assistant and Marketing Intern Piper Grosswendt also staged an award-winning #BestArtTwin submission with the Phillips’s Woman in Profile by Chaim Soutine. As the Artlympics put it on Instagram, “she blue-steeled her way to gold with this photo.” Wondering why there’s a blue goblin-esque creature in the pictures? That’s Artie the Artlympian, official mascot of the Artlympics, presenting the winners with the gold. Congratulations to all participants and winners! We invite you to challenge our title in the 2014 Artlympics.

Get Creative with #Artlympics

artlympics examples

(left) Phillips employees try William Merritt Chase’s Hide and Seek for the #BestArtRemake category (right) Eating fruit from Paul Cézanne’s Ginger Pot with Pomegranate and Pears fits in the #BestWhatever category

It’s the final weekend to participate in the #Artlympics, a self-declared “absurd competition to enjoy museums in a new way.” Through Sunday, September 29, the #Artlympics invite you to head to any museum in the world and submit Instagram photos of your experience in categories like Best Art Remake, Best Art Caption, and Best New Art Series. Do you bear a striking resemblance to that dashing portrait of a 19th-century gentleman? #BestArtSelfie. Has that one sculpture always reminded you Star Wars? #BestNewArtTitle. Do you have a fun picture idea that doesn’t fit into any category? #BestWhatever. The sky is the limit—so head to the Phillips this weekend and get creative! Phillips staff created a few examples above for inspiration. Follow along to see what others around the world are coming up with.