Go Team!

Joe Holbach, Trish Waters, Bill Koberg, and Renée Maurer in their hotel lobby where a banner for our exhibition is on display. Photo: Sue Frank

Today is the big opening for our exhibition in Daejeon, Korea, Conversations: Impressionist and Modern Master Works from The Phillips Collection. Two years in the making, this show furthers our relationship with notable museums in Asia and the citizens of those countries who have seen our works in loan and traveling exhibitions in the past. This unusually large team—chief registrar and director of special initiatives Joe Holbach, associate registrar for exhibitions Trish Waters, installations manager Bill Koberg, assistant curator Renée Maurer, and associate curator for research Sue Frank—is representative of the size and complexity of this installation. Joe reports, “Highly energetic opening tonight.” (Which technically was yesterday for them.)

Style Profile: Evan Odoms


Photos: Josh Navarro

Although it poured, Evan arrived, brightening up a cloudy day.

Josh Navarro: How would you describe your style?

Evan Odoms: I would describe my style as quirky/moody/quasi hipster, because I can’t fully commit to one style. It often changes depending on what mood I’m in that day. I also love prints.

JN: What are you favorite shops in the city and online?

EO: I’m always online getting ideas from Lookbook.nu and I frequently shop at Forever 21 and H&M. I’ve recently gotten back into shopping at Ross, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx. A lot of my jewelry is from accessories stores like Francesca’s, Lou Lou’s, Luna, or random boutiques I stumble into. One of my favorite necklaces is a Ritz Cracker I got from a boutique in Philly.

JN: What brands are you wearing right here?

EO: I’m wearing a skirt, cardigan, and top from H&M. My shoes are from DSW, my watch is from Kohl’s. The ram skull is from Luna, and the longer necklace is from a boutique in Brooklyn that was going out of business.

Busman’s Holiday

The Finance Department took a day away from their offices to do what? Why, to visit other museums, of course!

Cherie Nichols, director of budgeting and reporting, Lydia O'Connor, finance assistant, and Earl Richards, senior accountant with the art bus at the American Visionary Art Museum.

Cherie Nichols, director of budgeting and reporting, Lydia O’Connor, finance assistant, and Earl Richards, senior accountant, with the art bus at the American Visionary Art Museum.

Every year as a treat for completing our annual financial audit, The Phillips Collection finance staff retreat on a post-audit outing. This year we decided as a group to travel to Baltimore and visit the fabulous American Visionary Art Museum before heading to the Baltimore Museum of Art for lunch at Gertrude’s  and a preview peek at the newly returned Renoir painting On the Shore of the Seine (c. 1879).

I couldn’t resist running away with the Renoir, and the cameras caught me in my enthusiasm!

#RenoirReturns  #BMAselfie

#RenoirReturns #BMAselfie

Despite the busman’s holiday, we returned to the Phillips refreshed and ready to face another fiscal year!

Lydia O’Connor, Finance Assistant