Say It With Drawings

Photo: Jeremy Ney

Photo: Jeremy Ney

Museum Assistant Ianthe Gergel (known as “E”) has been creating an illustration for the Tryst Café staff every week during the van Gogh exhibition as a way of saying thanks for the free weekend coffee they’ve offered staff members dealing with the crowds of visitors. And the rest of us get the benefit of these charmers, taped to the cash register, every time we stop in the cafe for a treat.

Style Profile: Jane Kestner

Photos: Josh Navarro

Photos: Josh Navarro

I wanted to photograph Jane simply because her vibrant personality mirrors her quality style.

Josh Navarro: How would you describe your style?

Jane Kestner: I think it’s important to stay simple, classic and comfortable. What you wear says a lot about who you are and how you perceive yourself. I enjoy a good arm party with any outfit (always accessorize, it dresses up any outfit) and of course, most of the time, you’ll never see me without sunglasses, heels, and an iced coffee. I want to look back at pictures of myself some day and know that the pieces I’ve worn are timeless. Trust me, that hasn’t always been the case.

JN: What are your favorite shops in the city?

JK: J.Crew, J.Crew, and J.Crew…did I mention J.Crew? It’s easy. They carry the classics while also staying on top of what’s in style for the seasons. They have really changed their image over the last few years; plus, they have great sales. Unfortunately, most of my vintage gems are from Arizona.

JN: Please describe your outfit in this photo.

JK: I am wearing J.Crew pants, “The Shirt” by Rochelle Behrens, with J.Crew and David Yurman accessories.


The Phillips Staff Van Glows

This fall, members of The Phillips Collection staff participated in the Capitol Bocce (glow in the dark) league. Our team, Vincent van Glow (which takes its inspiration from our Van Gogh Repetitions exhibition), shined for nearly 9 weeks—even making it to the final 4!

Though we took home a Halloween victory—winning best team costume with our special Postman-inspired van Glow beards—in the end we met our match to the reigning champions The Team Formerly Known As Bocce.  

Regardless of the outcome, we all had a lot of fun and have talked about doing it again. Who knows…maybe this could be the start of a DC art museum sports league? Paintball, anyone?

Glowing Bocce Balls

Photo by Jane Kestner

Photograph of the members of team Vincent Van Glow

Vincent van Glow means business, we have the beards to prove it.