1 Year: Birthday Birds

Braque’s Bird (1956) inspired The Experiment Station‘s avian avatar, which in turn inspired these winged 1st anniversary gifts. Manager of Public Programs and In-Gallery Interpretation Brooke Rosenblatt‘s cloud-shaped card shows Braque’s bird swooping in to blow out a candle. Museum Assistant (and artist) Joshua Navarro folded a paper crane with best wishes. And  Conservation Fellow Patti Favero layered strips of paper and gold glitter to craft our blog a cozy nest.

A cloud card with hand drawn Braque bird and birthday cake by Brooke Rosenblatt

By Brooke Rosenblatt

Photo of oragami crane card by anonymouse contributor with experimental nest by Patti Favero

Origami crane card by Joshua Navarro with experimental nest by Patti Favero

1 Year: Creative Cakes

What’s a birthday party without a cake (and balloons, party hats, and noise makers)? Museum Assistant (and artist) Sue Ahn and IT Support Specialist (and artist) Sandy Lee sculpt cakes and favors out of paper. In-Gallery Interpretation and Public Programs Coordinator Amanda Jirón-Murphy cuts away at her sheet to reveal a fête complete with treats.

Photos of two hand-made paper cakes by Sue Ahn and Sandy Lee

Cakes by Sue Ahn (left) and Sandy Lee (right)

A photo of a hand-cut doily featuring birthday cake and balloons for the blog by Amanda Jirón-Murphy|

By Amanda Jirón-Murphy

1 Year: Luncheons of the Paper Party

Renoir’s masterpiece inspires two blog birthday gifts. Experiment Station contributors enjoy a pleasant lunch on the Seine in Marketing Communications Editor Vivian’s collage. And Museum Assistant Rolf offers the blog a majorly cheeky sales commission. Lest it raise your hopes, aspiring collectors, don’t be fooled. Our precious painting is not for sale.

In image of Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party in which guests faces are replaced with blog contributor portraits. By Vivian Djen

By Vivian Djen

Blog contributor Rolf Rykken's birthday card for the blog is a cheeky offer to sell Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party

By Rolf Rykken