Boffo, Socko, Phillips

We’ve explored Phillips connections popping up in Fred Astaire movies, spy novels, and clothing store displays. But right now, we’re overrun with superheroes.

Our Rothko appears unscathed in this explosive scene from Iron Man 3.

Our Rothko appears unscathed in this explosive scene from Iron Man 3.

Assistant Registrar Gretchen Martin confirmed Director of Membership Jeff Petrie’s hunch that in Iron Man 3, the Rothko painting hanging on the wall of Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion as he and Pepper Potts are sent flying after a blow up is in fact our Ochre and Red on Red (1954). Spoiler alert? Oh well, it’s in the trailer. You’ll see the Phillips thanked in the credits if you’re one to stay ’till the bitter end. On Thursday, we’ll sacrifice some street parking to help the filming of Captain America. Bringing you the big stars and the big explosions is just part of our work here at the museum. You’re welcome.

J. Crew’s Wall of Light

Display at J Crew store in Washington, D.C. Photo: Brooke Rosenblatt

Check out how J. Crew employees are combining color and shapes in their accessories display! My favorite part of the arrangement is the copy of the catalogue from the 2005 Phillips exhibition Sean Scully: Wall of Light. The cover features a detail of Niels (2001), a work by Scully in our permanent collection. I guess J. Crew’s designers decided the painting’s earthy palette would complement their Brompton bag.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On Likes our Renoir

In case you haven’t met Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, here’s a chance to get to know “the biggest small star of the comedy world on the web,” according to Brian Williams’s recent report. Marcel’s first video hit YouTube in late 2010 and since then the googly-eyed creature has had over 14 million views! This fall, a new book and a second video were released. Have a look about one minute into the second video, below, when Marcel is talking about his bed made of bread. In the background you can see a postcard of Luncheon of the Boating Party. It’s nice to know that Marcel (or his parents) have such good taste!