Style Profile: Evan Odoms


Photos: Josh Navarro

Although it poured, Evan arrived, brightening up a cloudy day.

Josh Navarro: How would you describe your style?

Evan Odoms: I would describe my style as quirky/moody/quasi hipster, because I can’t fully commit to one style. It often changes depending on what mood I’m in that day. I also love prints.

JN: What are you favorite shops in the city and online?

EO: I’m always online getting ideas from and I frequently shop at Forever 21 and H&M. I’ve recently gotten back into shopping at Ross, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx. A lot of my jewelry is from accessories stores like Francesca’s, Lou Lou’s, Luna, or random boutiques I stumble into. One of my favorite necklaces is a Ritz Cracker I got from a boutique in Philly.

JN: What brands are you wearing right here?

EO: I’m wearing a skirt, cardigan, and top from H&M. My shoes are from DSW, my watch is from Kohl’s. The ram skull is from Luna, and the longer necklace is from a boutique in Brooklyn that was going out of business.

Style Profile: Anna Galloway

Anna Galloway

Anna stepped into work with these hip and casual shoes and she rocked it. Photos: Josh Navarro

Josh Navarro: How would you describe your style?

Anna Galloway: Hmmm, maybe classic with a twist? I enjoy preppy things, but in different or bright colors and with fun accents added. Like studded loafers!

JN: What are your favorite shops in the city? Any online shopping as well?

AG: My favorite places to shop are Madewell and J. Crew, and anywhere and everywhere online. I love finding shoes online.

JN: Please describe your outfit in these photos.

AG: This day, I was wearing a blazer from Forever 21 (it makes me feel like I won The Masters), a button down from J. Crew, and pants from Madewell. My shoes are by Bass, they make super rad shoes that are also really comfortable, which is highly necessary being a Museum Assistant.

Style Profile: Jane Kestner

Photos: Josh Navarro

Photos: Josh Navarro

I wanted to photograph Jane simply because her vibrant personality mirrors her quality style.

Josh Navarro: How would you describe your style?

Jane Kestner: I think it’s important to stay simple, classic and comfortable. What you wear says a lot about who you are and how you perceive yourself. I enjoy a good arm party with any outfit (always accessorize, it dresses up any outfit) and of course, most of the time, you’ll never see me without sunglasses, heels, and an iced coffee. I want to look back at pictures of myself some day and know that the pieces I’ve worn are timeless. Trust me, that hasn’t always been the case.

JN: What are your favorite shops in the city?

JK: J.Crew, J.Crew, and J.Crew…did I mention J.Crew? It’s easy. They carry the classics while also staying on top of what’s in style for the seasons. They have really changed their image over the last few years; plus, they have great sales. Unfortunately, most of my vintage gems are from Arizona.

JN: Please describe your outfit in this photo.

JK: I am wearing J.Crew pants, “The Shirt” by Rochelle Behrens, with J.Crew and David Yurman accessories.