Balancing Act

Last month, a bear of an installation took over the corner of 21st and Q Streets in anticipation of Xavier Veilhan’s upcoming Intersections contemporary art project. Now the rest of Veilhan’s exhibition (IN)balance is installed in our galleries, and the artist takes a moment to discuss his diverse work—”using the floor, the walls, and the ceiling”—in this video.

We’re Big in Qatar

From the Gulf Times newspaper, Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

Preparator Alec MacKaye got a funny e-mail from a friend who, teaching Irish literature at Georgetown University’s Doha campus in Qatar, was quite amused to not only see a photo from home in his local Gulf Times newspaper, but also to find that it featured his friend Alec at work. Icing on the cake that Alec was walking a giant wrapped bear sculpture down the sidewalk. You know, just a normal day for a museum preparator