Now in bloom at 21st and Q…

(Left) The base and stem of the sculpture are transported from truck to platform by crane. (Right) Artist Will Ryman and assistants adjust the angle of the base. Photo: Amy Wike

The previously vacant corner of 21st and Q Streets was transformed early this morning when artist Will Ryman installed 58th Street, one of the colossal rose sculptures from his series The Roses displayed along New York’s Park Avenue earlier this year.

(Left) One by one, the five rose blossoms are unloaded and stripped of their packaging. (Right) Two insects adorn the blossoms. Photo: Amy Wike

Will Ryman’s Roses: 58th Street is on view through January 5, 2012, welcoming visitors at the museum’s corner for the rest of the Phillips’s 90th anniversary year.

Find more installation photos on The Phillips Collection’s Flickr page.

(Left) The fourth blossom is secured as the sun comes out. (Right) With all of the blossoms in place, the only thing left to do is spread the mulch. Photo: Amy Wike

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  1. I love this sculpture. It doesn’t require you to focus on “it” but gives you permission to just relax and appreciate. It’s perfect for the dog days of summer when moving through the heat is all one can hope to accomplish at times.

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