PHOTO CONTEST: Twirling Discs Win Week 1

We’ve asked readers to send in photos of objects in their daily lives that call to mind Frank Stella’s swirling sculpture. Every Tuesday in August, starting today, we’ll post a winning photo selected for its composition and creative relationship to Stella’s work. The winner receives a Phillips after 5 prize pack with admission and two drinks at one of our weekly summer events.

Put your photo(s) in the running for next week’s prize! Send to by noon, Monday, August 8. Full instructions here.


The first of five winners focuses on motion and reflection in Frank Stella's "K.43 (lattice variation) protogen RPT (full-size)." Photo: Molly Kelly Ryan

“The ribbons, streaks and discs of curved colored light creates an energy on my white wall. Sculpture changes as the viewer moves around it, and these reflections on my wall were constantly changing as the earth moved under the midday sun.”

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