The Artist Sees Differently: Kurtis Ceppetelli

Kurtis Ceppetelli, Museum Assistant

Kurtis Ceppetelli. Photo by Claire Norman

How did you learn about the Phillips?

I learned about the Phillips about six years or so ago. I came to see a Milton Avery show. I remember it only being in the original house.

Do you feel you are inspired by the Phillips art?

I am very much inspired by the Phillips art. Since I’ve worked here, my work has changed to a stronger, more contemporary feel. I guess the art surrounding me at the Phillips has influenced me to make paintings that are new and fresh to help continue the evolution of art.

Do you listen to anything as you do your artwork?

I do listen to music, all types depending on the mood I want to create within the piece. Sometimes I watch/listen to movies, or I will turn on a basketball game or some other game. I use this to obtain outside substance that is transferred into the painting in some way.

Who’s your favorite artist in the collection?

Who is my favorite artist in the collection? Umm, that’s tough to say. I love the Daumiers, they have such a power to them. I can stare at Matisse‘s Studio, Quai Saint-Michel forever. And the Rothko Room is a peaceful place to sit. There are too many good artists in the Collection to pin down my favorite. I call this Collection the greatest hits.

“Music Man,” 2009, mixed media on canvas, 54″ x 64″

Do you collect other artwork – or anything?

I do collect other artists’ works. I own work from five or six local artists and a few artists from different places I’ve traveled to.

-Rolf Rykken

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