Blue Star Renoir

Following up to our series honoring the Blue Star Museums initiative, here is a Renoir-inspired submission to Blue Star Museums’s Creativity Contest, which military kids ages 6 to 17 can still enter through September 20. The artist, eight-year-old Marika Skwarek, shares her inspiration below.

Blue Star Renoir by Marika Swarek, Age 8. Part of Blue Star Museums' Creativity Contest

In August, I visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I enjoyed the impressionist art the best. One of the paintings I really liked was Portrait of Mademoiselle Legrand (1875) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I brought my sketch pad along and tried to sketch it. I finished my sketch and added the Blue Star to the necklace. Here it is. I call it the “Blue Star Renoir.” We also visited the Please Touch Museum. We joked that the art museum was the “Please Don’t Touch Museum,” but we had a great time at both.

I am eight years old, just like the girl in the picture.

-Marika Skwarek (age 8), Blue Star Museums participant

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