Curtain Call: Final Day for Degas

Today we wish a fond farewell to Degas’s Dancers: Point and Counterpoint and bring you one final painting by the artist. The Phillips is open 11 am-6 pm today for all who wish to catch one last glimpse in person.

Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas, Dancers at the Barre, c. 1900, Charcoal and pastel on tracing paper, laid down on cardboard, 43 3/4 x 38 7/8 in. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Purchased 1921.

2 thoughts on “Curtain Call: Final Day for Degas

  1. Drawn into the web via Twitter, but alas no flash on the old Blackberry to see what may be an interesting short, so being an ardent fan of Degas I think I better take a peak. Well the first thing that catches my eye is the green used for the shadows. I’ve been working on a lifesize version of Concorde and sort of got stuck trying to fathom the green on the dog but todays’ illumination suggests that that green may be a color that Degas used throughout his lifetime as artists sometimes do

  2. Green seems to be a rather important color for many artists. A painting professor once told me that Lucian Freud often used green for his under painting – a method to set the tone for his fleshy models. According to the studies found by the Phillips conservation department, in Dancers at the Barre, Degas used purple in his preliminary stages. With the number of layers in the works of both artists, it can be difficult to see those traces of initial thoughts…unless they really want you to see them. Have you seen the Marioni paintings in person? I recently posted about them here.

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