Knitting + Art = A Dupont Valentine

Photos: Charles Mahorney

This morning, the Phillips and Looped Yarn Works unveiled a surprise valentine to Dupont Circle in the form of hand-knit and crochet hearts. Hurry by to get a look—these hearts are only on display this week.

If you’ve snapped some of your own photos (or plan to), we want to see them! Add them to the Yarning for Love in D.C. group on Flickr and tag each photo “phillips collection” and “looped yarn works”.

Knitters and crocheters stealthily installed their creations under cover of darkness Monday night. Photos: Sue Ahn

Thank you to everyone who contributed, and happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Photos: Charles Mahorney

4 thoughts on “Knitting + Art = A Dupont Valentine

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for partnering with Looped Yarns to decorate the neighborhood yesterday. I absolutely loved seeing all of the hearts and called my mom and friend to come down and make sure they also checked it out. What a gift! Thank you!

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