Water, Water Everywhere

Right now in São Paulo, Sandra Cinto is putting the finishing touches on ink and acrylic drawings on very large canvases. On Sunday she arrives in D.C., canvases in tow, and on Monday she begins the process of unrolling, stretching, and mounting them in our café before she begins drawing directly on the walls around them. When she’s done and One Day, After the Rain opens on May 19, I have a feeling that entering the café will feel like entering a deluge–undulating waves, sheets of rain, refreshing and invigorating.

Last month, Cinto opened another installation, Encontro das Águas (Encounter of Waters) at Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park. Watch the pavilion transform into an unbridled seascape in the time-lapse video below.

Cecilia Wichmann, Publicity and Marketing Manager

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    • Neither can we. It’s sure to be a stunner. Stay tuned for more exciting news about our cafe soon!

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