Dressing La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita preview

When you think of Italian fashion, visions of Gucci, Armani, Valentino, and Salvatore Ferragamo appear in your head. Whatever you’re wearing, when it comes to shoes, handbag, pair of glasses, or a couture suit or gown,  Italian-made signifies chic. As you walk through the streets of Milan (in your mind’s eye, at least), visit the Piazzale Cadorna where you’ll come across a Claes Oldenburg sculpture titled Ago, Filo, e Nodo (Needle, Thread and Knot), installed in January 2000. This artwork stitches together Milan’s famed fashion history with fine art in a very tangible way.

From head to toe, we can expect unlimited style inspiration in this year’s Gala After Party theme–La Dolce Vita—at the Italian Embassy tomorrow evening. Ladies might pair nouveau retro hairdos with flowing sequin dresses to match their shoes. Dapper, dancing men will show off the D&G logo on the soles of their shoes. Whatever your look, we’re sure it will go perfectly with espresso, bocce, and vintage Ducatis. Ci vediamo domani!

Joshua Navarro, Museum Assistant and Blog Photographer

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