Let’s Dance: More Phillips Pop Culture Moments

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How could it be that we’ve never noticed this before? Museum Assistant and blog super-tipster, Ianthe Gergel, sent me a link to David Bowie’s Let’s Dance video, telling me to pause it at the 2 minute, 40 second mark, and of course, clear as a bell, there is our Paul Klee Printed Sheet with Picture (1937). And she also identified the painting on the right as Picasso’s The Three Dancers (1925).

4 thoughts on “Let’s Dance: More Phillips Pop Culture Moments

  1. I would love to learn the story behind that artistic choice. It does look vaguely like aboriginal art. Kudos to Ianthe for finding it. I’m sure I last saw that video during the heyday of MTV 30 years ago, but I missed the TPC connection.

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