Freshening the Made in the USA Galleries

Made in the USA curator Susan Behrends Frank discusses some of the recent additions to the exhibition galleries,  from Duncan Phillips’s first personal acquisition (Ernest Lawson’s High Bridge—Early Moon) to one of his final purchases before his death (Loren MacIver’s Printemps).


3 thoughts on “Freshening the Made in the USA Galleries

  1. This is lovely. I enjoy very much the way Curator Frank talks about Duncan Phillips and his gallery. I wish you would put up a version of the talk she gave at the DC Public Library on the 7th. Maybe it’s too long for this blog, but it would be great for people visiting the Philips to have access to it.

    • Hi Faith,
      Thank you for the kind words! I’m not sure if the DC Public Library talk was recorded, but I’ll check into that and let you know if I find either audio or (fingers crossed) video. In the meantime, I wanted to pass along the other videos we have about the exhibition, all of which can be found here:
      The most recent 5 videos are Made in the USA related. I hope this helps, and hopefully I’ll be able to track down a recording of the library talk for you!

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