ArtGrams: The Rothko Room

Welcome to the first of our newest monthly blog series, ArtGrams, where we feature our favorite Instagrammed pictures taken around or inspired by the museum. We love seeing you create your own works of art using unique perspectives, strategic crops, and the funkiest filters.

Each month, we’ll feature a different theme based on trends we’ve seen in visitor photos; first up, The Rothko Room. The room’s bold colors and shapes have inspired these great shots. Be sure to hashtag your images with #PhillipsCollection or tag your location for a chance to be featured.

Rothko Room_1_allwegrow

Via Instagrammer @allwegrow: “We spent our 3 year anniversary visiting the Rothko Room”

Rothko Room_2_jamellita

via Instagrammer @jamellita: “American Living: ‘Luna and me in Rothko’s room'”

Rothko Room_3_mrscis

Via Instagrammer @mrscis: “Admiring the beauties of the centuries”

Rothko Room_4_pennykim

Via Instagrammer @pennykim

Rothko Room_5_pootie_ting

Via Instagrammer @pootie_ting: “Feeling Red. Rothko Red.”



4 thoughts on “ArtGrams: The Rothko Room

    • Thank you for submitting it! So glad to hear that you and Luna have a special connection with The Rothko Room. Hope to see you at the museum again soon!
      Amy Wike
      Marketing Manager

  1. First of all I must say that I am a new subscriber to Experiment Station and absolutely love it — the fresh look, the content, the ability to copy and paste images into PowerPoint and use them in the classroom. LOVE it! As a K-5 art teacher myself, I so enjoyed Carla White Freyvogel’s post “Who Is the Teacher?” The connection the young student made between van Rysselberghe’s Canal in Flanders and Minecraft is a great example of the symbiotic relationship we have with students, how we learn from each other. Seeing the parallels between art and technology is exactly what you all are accomplishing with ArtGrams. What a great way to engage viewers in the art! That being said, as a holdover from the label/text panel generation, I would also love to see the inclusion of label information to use in teaching and to satisfy my own curiosity. I keep seeing those beautiful rooms in the Phillips house and enjoy the juxtaposition of that other time and space with this use of current technology. Now I can hardly wait to spend a day with you during spring break!

    Susan Turner Purvis
    K-5 Art Specialist
    Gibbs Magnet School of International Studies & Foreign Languages
    Little Rock, Arkansas

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you so much for your feedback and your kind words! Great suggestion to include more label information; we’ll keep this in mind with future posts. Given your interest in arts integration and K-5 classroom strategies, you might find our Prism.K12 website useful: There you’ll find teacher tools, resources, strategies, and like-minded colleagues.

      Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions!
      Amy Wike
      Marketing Manager

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