Spotlight on Intersections@5: Jae Ko

The Phillips celebrates the fifth anniversary of its Intersections contemporary art series with Intersections@5, an exhibition comprising work by 20 of the participating artists. In this blog series, each artist writes about his or her work on view.

Ko_installation view

Installation view of the Intersections@5 exhibition, with Jae Ko’s Black #22, 2014; Black #23, 2014; Black #24, 2014 at right. Photo: Lee Stalsworth

I wanted to make a reduction in scale from my large paperwork, and as we all know when we reduce the scale of large objects, detail is increased. What I’ve done here is a very large reduction resulting in a very large introduction of hyper detail. The vinyl has allowed me to introduce this hyper detail by its flexibility; I am able to form, bend, and cut it to achieve a state of detail that is unattainable at a large scale. In addition to the change in detail there is an obvious change in form, from biomorphic to rigidly geometric…I enjoy playing with these disparities.

Jae Ko

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