Amphora Appreciation

community collection_glassware_1

Many visitors collect glassware, pottery, or dishware. Esther finds Mexican Talavera especially beautiful.

Visitors to Gauguin to Picasso: Masterworks from Switzerland appreciate many types of fine art in their own collections. Many collect vessels—vases, jars, etc.—and contributed delightful renderings of the objects they cherish. What do you collect? Contribute by visiting the exhibition or creating your own at home and share it with #PhillipsGoesSwiss.

community collection_glassware_2

This visitor shared her collection with a drawing that reminds us of a Morandi painting.

community collection_glassware_3

These visitors pitchers, pots, and jars appealing for their variety of shapes.

community collection_glassware_4

Community collection submission by Bernard.

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