Staff Show 2016: Elizabeth Sampson

In this series, Education Specialist for Public Programs Emily Bray highlights participants in the 2016 James McLaughlin Memorial Staff Show, on view through September 19, 2016.

Elizabeth Sampson, "Peshawar Series: Gulmeena and Spina"

Elizabeth Sampson, “Peshawar Series: Gulmeena and Spina”

Elizabeth Sampson

Elizabeth Sampson, Photo: Rhiannon Newman

Elizabeth Sampson, Photo: Rhiannon Newman

Tell us about yourself and your work.

As an artist who grew up in Peshawar, Pakistan I find myself affected by current events and social issues that are consuming that area of the world. Pakistan today is a changing country. At times, its people are being overtaken by disasters both natural and unnatural. Suicide bombs. Drone attacks. Floods. The daily tragedies of Pakistan haunt my work as I turn from the past and am shaken by the present. I paint in response to the violent and tragic events occurring in my home. This work reflects my narrative as a multi-national artist caught in the crossfire between the East and the West.

What do you do at The Phillips Collection?

I am a School Programs Educator.

Who is/are your favorite artist/artists in the collection?

Jacob Lawrence. I think the struggle and determination of people in transition shown through The Migration Series resonates so strongly throughout the globe.

What is your favorite gallery or space within The Phillips Collection?

I enjoy the “Klee” corner.

What would you like people to know about your artwork on view in the 2016 Staff Show (or your work in general)?

This work is a reference to my childhood in Pakistan. I was inspired by Pakistani miniature paintings of myths and sagas, and created my own scenes of memories of my home country.

Find more of Sampson’s work on her website.

The 2016 James McLaughlin Memorial Staff Show will be on view August 16 through September 19, 2016. The show features artwork from the Phillips Collection staff.

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