ArtGrams: McArthur Binion

More art from up close. DNA: Black Painting: 1 by McArthur Binion. #latergram #artfromupclose #procrastigramming

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This recent acquisition by McArthur Binion has been catching they eyes of visitors ever since it first went on display last year. In this month’s ArtGrams, we’re featuring some of your creative shots of DNA: Black Painting: 1 (2015). Share your photos in and around the museum for a chance to be featured on the blog.

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A visit to a museum.

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A beautiful collage that happens to be a bunch of Mississippi birth certificates. ❤️ #phillipscollection

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DNA: Black Painting 1, McArthur Binion, 2015 (Section)

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Sunday night at #ThePhillipsCollection

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ArtGrams is a monthly series in which we feature our favorite Instagrammed pictures taken around or inspired by the museum. Each month, we’ll feature a different theme based on trends we’ve seen in visitor photos. Hashtag your images with #PhillipsCollection or tag your location for a chance to be featured.

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