Tuesday Tunes: A Playlist for Paul Klee

Taking inspiration from the major theme of music in Ten Americans: After Paul Klee, we paired 11 staff members with 11 works from the exhibition and asked them to create a playlist in response to their individual artwork. Maria Vizcaino, Associate Director of Gala and Special Events, created this playlist in response to Paul Klee’s “Young Moe.”

Paul Klee, Young Moe, 1938. Colored paste on newspaper on burlap, 20 7/8 x 27 5/8 in. The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, Acquired 1948

Looking closely at the painting, I realized it was full of movement. As my eye makes its way from right to left, the figure, looking calm and content, seems to be inviting the viewer to join it for a dance. The first few songs I picked are perfect to dance with someone, but as I move across the painting, I picked songs with a rhythm ]you can more comfortably dance to on your own.

The title Young Moe made me think of young me and some of the songs I grew up dancing to.

The playlist is 38 minutes long in an ode to the year the painting was made: 1938.

Maria Vizcaino, Associate Director of Gala and Special Events

Feeling inspired? Create your own playlist based around works in the exhibition and send it to us at communications@phillipscollection.org and we may feature it on our blog and social media.

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