Staff Show 2018: Kathryn Rogge

In this series, Manager of Visitor and Family Engagement Emily Bray highlights participants in This Is My Day Job: The 2018 James McLaughlin Memorial Staff Show, on view through September 30, 2018.

Artwork by Kathryn Rogge

Citadel by Kathryn Rogge

Tell us about yourself.

After college, I stopped painting for 10 years. I began when I developed a neurological tremor, which required me to relearn how to use my hands. I became curious how unsteady hands would affect my painting and have enjoyed experimenting ever since.

What do you do at The Phillips Collection? Are there any unique or interesting parts about your job that most people might not know about?

I am Manager of Academic Programs and Diversity Initiatives. In my four years at The Phillips Collection, I’ve worked in five departments (so far). Working with our bright and diverse interns is my favorite part of my work at the UMD Center for Art and Knowledge at the Phillips.

Photo of Kathryn Rogge

Kathryn Rogge

Who is your favorite artist in the collection?

That’s hard, I love so many! Franz Marc, Linn Meyers, Karl Knaths… too many to count.

What is your favorite space within The Phillips Collection?

See above 🙂

What would you like people to know about your artwork on view in the 2018 Staff Show (or your work in general)?

Due to a motor tremor in my dominant hand, I have learned to paint using toothbrushes instead of paintbrushes— something about the bristles on the side rather than the end makes them easier for me to hold. Also, my dad is a dentist, so I have easy access to toothbrushes when I need more.

This Is My Day Job: The James McLaughlin Memorial Staff Show is on view through September 30, 2018. Join us for a reception in the exhibition on September 20, 5-7 pm.

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