Community in Focus (Week 1)

The Phillips Collection invites everyone to participate in Community in Focus, a community project to capture a unique photographic snapshot of an unprecedented year. We asked you to show us your inimitable spirit, suffering, joy, and resilience, and here are some images that captures those human emotions that connect us all. Stay tuned for more photos and submit your own!

Tyrone Hilton, July 8: The Jeb Stuart statue was removed in Richmond along with other confederate statues. After its removal, it became a bigger canvas for people to show their feelings of anger and sadness towards police brutality and social injustice.

Bekah Richards, June 19: I took this photo at the end of a long run through Rock Creek Park on a humid, steamy evening. I have been so grateful this year for Rock Creek Park and other nearby trails!

David Abizaid, June 2: A cellist plays as soldiers arrive outside the White House during a Black Lives Matter protest, the day after Trump’s walk to St. John’s Church.

Pilar Gormley, April 12: Happy Easter. After sending one patient to the ICU, I am about to go into another room to discharge the other one home. The interpreter, the patient and I all shout in Spanish as we discuss his instructions over the loud air scrubber blowing in the background.

Liza Banks Campagna, May 29: Taken at the first family gathering since the pandemic began. My younger sister, Bea, celebrated her eighteenth birthday and high school graduation in our back yard with our extended family. She sits in the chair in the bottom middle of the photo, fielding Happy birthday and congratulatory texts.

Ambrose Vurnis, September 19: This photo was taken the morning after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. People brought flowers and payed their respects.

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