Meet Our Summer Interns: Maniya, Naimah, Nehemiah

Meet our summer 2021 interns! We look forward to sharing some of the great work they have been doing at the museum. Applications for fall internships are now open.

Maniya Porter, SUNY Oswego

“My name is Maniya Porter (she/her), and I am a sophomore at SUNY Oswego studying Art with a studio emphasis, I am looking into minoring in Photography. I attended Friendship Collegiate Academy for high school. I am a part of an Urban Alliance Alumni internship program, and I was placed with The Phillips Collection. This summer, I will be working in various departments under DEAI Manager Yolanda Hester. I have been looking over the recent Museum 101 programs [meetings led by the staff about each department’s work] and adding notes for evaluation.”

Naimah Jangha, Howard University

“My name is Naimah Jangha (she/her), and I just graduated from Howard University with a BFA in Art. My concentration was in Painting with a minor in Art History. I look forward to learning about the curatorial role in a museum, as well as investigating other positions and how they work together. I am an intern in the Curatorial Department this summer. I have been working with Curator Renee Maurer to prepare for the upcoming Alma Thomas exhibition this fall by creating illustrated checklists and conducting archival research. During my time here, I have been learning about the collaborative process between departments that make an exhibition come to life, how to find information within archives, and how to reach out to other institutions about research opportunities.”

Nehemiah Thompson, Howard University

“My name is Nehemiah Thompson (he/him), and I am a multimedia artist from Washington, DC. I currently attend Howard university. During this internship experience, I hope to gain professional relationships, useful skills, and information that can be helpful to my future in the arts. This summer, I am working with Gwen Young in the Human Resources DepartmentCurrently, I am working on the deployment of Microsoft Teams for the Security Department, refining the onboarding processes, and digitizing HR’s documents and uploading them to a cloud service.

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