The Artist Sees Differently: Alec MacKaye

Alec MacKaye, preparator How did you learn about the Phillips? This is a funny question [for a Washington, D.C. native]! Like asking how did one first hear about the White House or the cherry blossoms or Neil Armstrong. I heard about The Phillips Collection because it holds a place in United States cultural history, in […]

Caption This Contest: Bernardi Roig’s Man of Light

In preparation for Bernardi Roig’s white plaster sculptures coming to the Phillips, Director of Facilities and Security Dan Datlow visited the work. Leave your captions for this photo in the comments or on social media with #RoigCaptions for a chance to win two member-for-a-day passes!

“School of Paris” on view in the Music Room

The music room was recently installed with modern European works from the collection. The paintings featured are by artists who were either born in France or immigrated there to work in Paris during the first half of the twentieth century. A destination for artists of all nationalities, many spent time in the lively Parisian neighborhoods of Montmartre and Montparnasse and experienced thriving and unparalleled creativity. Loosely grouped as the “School of Paris”, these painters experimented with diverse styles and techniques, from cubism to expressionism, to convey traditional subjects such as portraiture, landscapes, and still life.