Happy Birthday Duncan Phillips, from Korea

In the spring and summer of 1910, Duncan Phillips traveled with his family to Korea as part of a long journey to Asia and the northwestern United States. Phillips’s father, Major Duncan Clinch Phillips, said in his journal that the family stayed at the Sontag Hotel, a hotel catering to Western visitors.

Happy Birthday Duncan Phillips

I had the pleasure of speaking last night to Alice Phillips Swistel, great-niece of Duncan Phillips who was born today in 1886. It’s not surprising that the conversation came around to her memories of him. Though I’ve worked here for over five years and handled many of Phillips’s belongings–his journals, book collection, letters–I always welcome […]

Happy 125th Birthday to Duncan Phillips

In honor of Duncan Phillips’s birthday, let’s look at one of his favorite paintings by one of his favorite painters, Night Baseball by his wife, Marjorie Phillips. Duncan and Marjorie loved baseball and the family had box seats for the Washington Senators behind the first-base dugout at Griffith Stadium. (This photo shows a view much […]