Epiphany at the Glyptotek

On the heels of her summer marketing internship at the Phillips, Katherine Kunze began a semester abroad in Europe. After helping the communications office prepare to open Per Kirkeby: Paintings and Sculpture, she couldn’t resist a trip to the artist’s native Denmark. Walking around Copenhagen, she stumbled on a familiar sight–Kirkeby’s name headlining a banner […]

William Merrit Chase and Girl Talk: The Evolution of Sampling

I recently attended a Spotlight Tour on William Merritt Chase’s Hide and Seek (1888) led by School, Outreach, and Family Programs Coordinator Natalie Mann. Natalie discussed the painting’s many compositional similarities to Velázquez’s Las Meninas (c. 1656)—the column at the front left corner, for example, and the paintings in the background that help structure the […]

Degas and Coding: More in Common than You’d Think

After attending a spotlight tour that featured Degas’s Dancers at the Barre, my app developer friend and I had an interesting conversation. The gallery educator had pointed out a ghostlike leg peeking through the paint and referred to at least eight different legs the conservator found beneath the surface of the picture using infrared reflectography. […]