Duncan Phillips Writings on Art

The new book Duncan Phillips Writings on Art (published by The Phillips Collection in association with Spring Publications, 2023) is the first gathering of these texts devoted exclusively to this essential side of the man who founded The Phillips Collection. The book was edited by Chief Curator Emeritus Klaus Ottmann, who shares some thoughts on the book. […]

Celebrating Karen Schneider, Phillips Librarian since 1981

The Phillips celebrates Karen Schneider, who will be retiring on March 31 after 41 years of service to the museum. Karen was hired by Laughlin Phillips, Duncan and Marjorie Phillips’s son, in February 1981. She fondly recalls books everywhere and even the Phillips’s cats (Fiona and Bazooka) scurrying by as she was introduced to the […]

Happy Birthday Duncan Phillips, from Korea

In the spring and summer of 1910, Duncan Phillips traveled with his family to Korea as part of a long journey to Asia and the northwestern United States. Phillips’s father, Major Duncan Clinch Phillips, said in his journal that the family stayed at the Sontag Hotel, a hotel catering to Western visitors.