American Acrostics: Marjorie Phillips

To celebrate the last month of Made in the USA, we’ve asked Phillips staff to create acrostic poems for works in the exhibition. We’ll feature some of our favorite submissions over the next few weeks. Marjorie Phillips, Night Baseball: Unveiling a game changer; Senators Baseball club; All-American pastime

Happy Birthday Marjorie Phillips

The impact of Marjorie Phillips (1895-1985) on the spirit of The Phillips Collection is clear when one dips into her husband’s correspondence. In letter after letter from artists such as Pierre Bonnard, Alfred Stieglitz, John Marin, and Arthur Dove, Marjorie’s gracious presence and passion for art is commented on with appreciation. Seemingly always at her […]

Phillips Petting Zoo: Duncan and Marjorie Phillips

Recently, I began to think about the numerous connections between pets and artwork in The Phillips Collection, and was surprised by the richness of this topic. So much so, I’m writing a series exploring the intersection of pets with the collection. In honor of the museum’s 90th, this post looks at Duncan and Marjorie Phillips. […]