Moira Dryer’s Unusual Choice of Casein

Associate Conservator Patti Favero explains Moira Dryer’s unique choice of paint medium. The works on display in Moira Dryer: Back in Business are remarkable for the artist’s distinctly individual style which includes unique structures, vibrant colors, and evocative paint layers. As we installed the show in early February, I learned that Dryer’s unique approach extends […]

Part 2: Behind the Scenes with Jacob Lawrence and the Migration Series

Phillips Head Librarian Karen Schneider shares the story behind Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series. Read part 1 of this blog post. Learn more on the Phillips’s Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series website. Lawrence’s approach to painting was unique. A close look reveals a small hole in each of the four corners of the panels. Lawrence filled […]

A Meditative Install: Outi Pieski’s Crossing Paths

The colorful installations by the Sámi artist Outi Pieski featured in Nordic Impressions are made with traditional shawl-making techniques. Her work combines hundreds of colored Sámi tassels tied to wooden branches to create an immersive, undulating drawing in space. Pieski’s art interweaves memories of the indigenous people of Scandinavia with the mountainous landscape of the […]