Phillips Petting Zoo: Duncan and Marjorie Phillips

Recently, I began to think about the numerous connections between pets and artwork in The Phillips Collection, and was surprised by the richness of this topic. So much so, I’m writing a series exploring the intersection of pets with the collection. In honor of the museum’s 90th, this post looks at Duncan and Marjorie Phillips. […]

Phillips History on View: Marjorie

One of my favorite photographs in the archives is of Marjorie Phillips in 1969 when she was Director of the museum installing a Hundertwasser exhibition alongside Jim McLaughlin, the museum’s curator. She stands in a room, framed by doorway, giving the viewer a glimpse into the workings of installing exhibitions and putting her front and center, instrumental to the process.

The Place of the Arts in Times of War: Civic Responsibilities of The Phillips Collection during WWII

Makeba Clay Fellow Xin Zheng explores The Phillips Collection’s civic responsibilities during WWII. “In 1918 I incorporated the Phillips Memorial Gallery…to create a memorial worthy of the virile spirits of my lost leaders—my father, Major D. Clinch Phillips…and my brother, James Laughlin Phillips.”—Duncan Phillips, A Collection in the Making, 1926 The Phillips Memorial Gallery (now […]