The 8 Most Creative Instagrams of Bernardi Roig’s Sculptures

We love how creative Instagrammers have been getting when snapping photos of Bernardi Roig’s sculptures inside and outside of the museum. Here are some of our favorites.

instagram creativity_blinky P

Unique angles of Bernardi Roig’s sculpture An Illuminated Head for Blinky P. (The Gun), 2010 from (left) @catbradley and (right) @pootie_ting


instagram creativity_above below man of light

Roig’s The Man of the Light (2005) as seen by instagrammers (left) @vajiajia and (right) @frisbeejackson


instagram creativity_reverse man of light

These two instagrammers caught almost the exact same image in reverse (top: @zlexi, bottom: @katemartian)


instagram creativity_acteon

Roig’s Acteón (2005) from below (photo: @lgomez66) and above (photo: @vajiajia)

Turning on the Lights with Bernardi Roig

Intersections artist Bernardi Roig came to the Phillips in October to install his works for NO/Escape. “All of of Roig’s figures are crouched, strangled, twisted, in pain…with eyes open or closed, blinded, they’re shouting yet unable to communicate,” says Senior Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Vesela Sretenovic.

Bernardi Roig’s Night Lights

There’s one good thing about the days getting shorter: there’s more time to enjoy Bernardi Roig’s sculptures in all of their illuminated glory. Beautiful as they are during the day, Intersections artist Roig‘s works comprised of white plaster figures and fluorescent lights are especially captivating at night. Here’s a look at the works after the sun has gone down.

Roig at night_white cage

Bernardi Roig, White Cage, 2014. Iron and fluorescent light, 106 1/4 x 47 1/4 x 11 7/8 in. Courtesy Kewenig Gallery, Berlin/Palma de Mallorca. Image courtesy the artist

Roig at night_acteon

Bernardi Roig, Acteón, 2005. Polyester resin, marble dust and fluorescent lights. Figure life size. Courtesy Max Estrella Gallery, Madrid. Image courtesy the artist.

Roig at night_herr mauroner

Bernardi Roig, Herr Mauroner, 2008. Polyester resin, marble dust and fluorescent lights. Figure life size. Courtesy MAM Mario Maroner Contemporary, Vienna. Image courtesy the artist.

Roig at night_blinky p

Bernardi Roig, An illuminated head for Blinky P. (The Gun), 2010. Polyester resin, marble dust and fluorescent light. Figure life size. Courtesy Galerie Klüser, Munich. Image courtesy the artist.