#SpinePoetry for National Poetry Month: Part I

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we asked Phillips staff to venture to The Phillips Collection Library and (literally) compile books into stacks—turning the titles into cohesive poems. Marketing and Communications Intern Joelle Levinas kicked us off with this series of spine poems relating to the museum.

joelle-levinas_art in our time

Photo: Joelle Levinas


Art In Our Time
The Expanded Eye
Invisible Colors
Parallel Visions
Fast Forward
Art of Our Time






joelle-levinas_what is art

Photo: Joelle Levinas


What Is Art?
Places of Delight
Color and Meaning
Forms of Passion
Making Choices
Feeding Desire
Making Paradise
Fixing the World






Photo: Joelle Levinas


Museum Collection(s)
Landscape with Figure
Color and Culture
The Phillips Collection





Check back for more poems this month! Compile your own and share them on Twitter and Instagram with #spinepoetry.