June uCurate Winner: Crazy Walls

Crazy Walls_June winner

“Crazy Walls” by Angela

Angela, winner of June’s uCurate prize, made us laugh with her short, sweet, and accurate description of her think-outside-the-box exhibition:

“Crazy, no?”

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May uCurate Winner: American Beauty

American Beauty_May winner 1

American Beauty, uCurate submission from Tiffany

Put your hands together for Tiffany, winner of May’s uCurate prize. Tiffany incorporated a number of themes into her two-room exhibition, American Beauty. Of her exhibition, Tiffany says:

“The beauty of Americana is showcased via various landscapes, time periods, mediums, and palettes. From the first gallery filled with the modern richness of Cubist, Abstract Expressionism, mixed with more “classical” landscapes provides a bold overview. Transitioning from the first room, painted yellow, into the second room, painted a more traditional gray, we step into a world of American scenes, seascapes, cold landscapes, baseball, and urban landscapes.”

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American Beauty_May winner 2

American Beauty, uCurate submission from Tiffany

April uCurate Winner: Primary Color

Primary Color_April winner

Primary Color, uCurate submission by Heidi

Congratulations to Heidi, winner of April’s uCurate prize! Her virtual exhibition Primary Color impressed us with its thoughtful explanation and accessible pairings. Of the exhibition, Heidi says:

Primary Color is an exploration of combinations of reds, greens, blues, and yellows. Sometimes all the colors appear within a single work of art. Other works use only one. This exhibition gives the viewer a chance to see how and whether degrees of abstraction affects our experience of bold and basic color.”

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