The Artist Sees Differently: Kate Boone

Kate Boone, Museum Assistant

Kate Boone on post. Photo: Claire Norman

How did you learn about the Phillips?

My mom is really into art and a complete art buff. I grew up in D.C. and would go to the museum when I was young.

Do you feel you are inspired by the Phillips artwork ?

There’s something really special about being able to sit with the art all day. Just simply being in such a creative environment day after day really keeps my brain occupied. It’s funny because my work couldn’t be any more different than the art in the Phillips but I feel like it’s impossible not to feel inspired. There is so much variety which keeps it new and exciting, but at the end of the day I feel blessed to be sitting among works by some of the artists that truly started it all.

What do you listen to as you prepare your photographs?

I usually end up listening to something like Henry Mancini or the soundtrack to Woody Allen’s Manhattan or completely space out to some bizarre electronic music . . . or [the D.C. punk band] Bad Brains. Continue reading