Kojo Digs Van Gogh

Kojo and eliza 2_AW

WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi and Phillips Curator Eliza Rathbone discuss Vincent van Gogh’s Portrait of Joseph Roulin. Photo: Amy Wike

This year, WAMU is celebrating Kojo Nnamdi (of the popular The Kojo Nnamdi showwith Kojo Digs, a tumblr that highlights some of his favorite DC spots. The Phillips is his pick for January, so Exhibition Curator Eliza Rathrbone took the radio personality on a quick tour through Van Gogh Repetitions earlier this week. For more pictures from the visit, head to Kojo Digs.

Kojo and eliza 1_AW

Kojo Nnamdi and Eliza Rathbone tour the Van Gogh Repetitions exhibition. Photos: Amy Wike