ArtGrams: Alexander Calder


Via Instagrammer @kairilook: “Beyond the circus”

Installed in a staircase at the Phillips are three works by Alexander Calder from the museum’s collection: Red Polygons (c. 1950), Hollow Egg (1939), and Only, Only Bird (1951). In this month’s ArtGrams, we’re featuring your creative shots of all three.


Via Instagrammer @badagarla: “‘Hollow Egg’ by Alexander Calder”


Instagrammer @janouka caught Calder’s Only, Only Bird in profile


Instagrammer @vajiajia: “Dance, #Calder, dance!”


Instagrammer @leonieboothclibborn captured multiple shadows of Calder’s Hollow Egg


Instagrammer @dave.wolanski: “#Chicken #butt, that’s what!”


When Instagrammer @brennan_bok strips this image of color, it’s hard to tell what is mobile and what is shadow.


Via Instagrammer @cra66x


Instagrammer @burtatochanga snaps Calder’s Only, Only Bird from above

Google doodles Calder

Screenshot of Google homepage with July 22, 2011 Calder-inspired doodle

Today marks the birthday of legendary sculptor Alexander Calder (1898-1976), and to honor this event, Google has ingeniously re-created their logo as an interactive mobile similar to the ones Calder is famous for. When the user clicks and drags the various panes and shapes of the mobile, it begins to rotate in the direction desired.  Keen-eyed users will notice the faint drop shadow below the search box that mimics the sculpture’s movements above.

-Sandy Lee, IT Support Specialist